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Maggie Willis

Lead Grades & Lead Equine Instructor




A Bit About Me

I have worked and ridden horses since I was 10 years old, taking a break from the equine world when I graduated high school and went on to study music education at Mars Hill University. After college I married my best friend Tom. We had three children and quickly decided to home educate as we shared a mutual love for experiential education and classical studies. From there we went on to form several homeschool cooperative groups. I taught reading, literature, theater arts and ancient languages such as Greek and Latin while Tom focused on teaching outdoor education, orienteering and mathematics. It was during this time that we began to pour ourselves into farm life, raising chickens and goats. We studied and taught animal behavior allowing the children to experience the tranquility that comes with animal husbandry. 

As my children got bigger I felt the call to once again pursue my dreams to be amazing with horses. It was during this time we discovered natural horsemanship. We began to learn principles for forming lasting partnerships with our horses through Psychology. This became a passion we wanted to share with other people. Tom studied and became a natural barefoot hoof trimmer while I focused on training and developing horses and learning to teach others how to follow this path. 

Many years later I am able to combine my two passions teaching children and training horses.  

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