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Want to Start Your Own
Sovereign School?!

A one-on-one call with the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR and Founder of AATA.

 Offering the perfect insights on starting your journey !

If you're READY to start your school, grab a deal on our Exec. Director's Wisdom with a set of 6 Consultation Calls at a discounted rate. 

Quick Start Guide


A quick start guide with all the information you'd need to jump into the world of running Sovereign Schools!


Watch your inbox for the link to our call on 12/2/22!

Does the future of Humanity call to you?

Jaydee Azavari,

 Executive Director of AATA,

will hosts group calls on 

to discuss how we can work together to increase opportunities

for TRUE Childhood! 

Get on the list to be on the next call:

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