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AATA Farm & Garden

Our program is diverse in what we offer students. We use a philosophy of working with horses based on the horse’s natural instincts and methods of communication, with the understanding that horses do not learn through fear or pain. Horses are social herd animals, using social interaction to escape predators. The horse has a highly developed communication system practiced primarily through body language. Our training methods and teaching are based off this form of communication and body language.

Students are given the chance to get to know each horse, which in turn leads to deeper self discovery for the student as well. It helps build social and emotional skills with animals and humans alike.

Students also spend time doing yoga and meditation with the horses as well as groundwork online and at liberty; progressing to mounted exercises and trail riding. We believe in building a strong foundation and partnership from day one that will continue to grow with each successive lesson, that will support students through the course of their lives.



Big animals have BIG needs- to ensure our horses get everything they need, we are asking

our community to sponsor a horse.

And, if you are local, you can visit your sponsored animal at AATA once a month, along with other fun perks!



Aries (our chestnut quarter-horse) is one of the original AATA horses. He’s got a bubbly outgoing personality and loves attention. He is the descendant of a former trick horse. He has some confidence issues and isnt currently part of the riding program. He’s learning to just be with human companions.In time we hope to have him join the riding program, but for now is used for meditation and yoga.

AATA is now offering Private Horse Lessons! 


 Finn is our youngest horse currently being developed   in our natural horsemanship program. The the students are able to watch and learn throughout this process.

Finn is very clever and affectionate, not to mention good looking. He has a great deal of talent, and will in no doubt be an asset to the riding program.



Lyla is our little Welsh pony. She has a quiet, sensitive nature. She has recently sustained an eye injury and is undergoing treatment. We are hoping for her speedy recovery as she is used to teach the students about calm horse energy and patience. She has been used in the past for riding but is taking time off while she heals.



Monk is the oldest of the AATA horses. He is a lower energy introverted horse with a quiet nature. He’s living out his golden years being a horse and enjoying the attention from students and visitors to AATA. He’s used as one of our meditation and yoga horses.

Sponsor Monk


Midnight is AATA’s most popular horse due to to his friendly, kind nature. He deeply enjoys human contact. He’s fantastic with students and will soon be part of our riding program.



Atlas is a draft pony used for our riding and mounted yoga program. He has a more introverted personality than the other horses. He enjoys lots of scratches , cuddles and snacks.



Like Atlas, Ajax is also a draft pony used in our riding program, but unlike Atlas he is more extroverted and eager to go, do and explore, but still finds pleasure in a treat!


And we also have~

Bunnies, Goats & Chickens

Copy of babychick.JPG
Looking at Crops

AATA Gardens 

As a program and community committed to honoring the natural world and autonomy, it is essential to teach the elements of food production and

permaculture farming. 

Our students participate in our garden and farm practices on a daily basis. Integrating the importance of learning that if we are to thrive we must care for ourselves and others in all ways possible! 

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