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Therapeutic Arts Education

Our curriculum is based on a New Education Model founded at

Appalachian Academy of Therapeutic Arts.

The Therapeutic Arts Education System integrates Mind, Body and Spirit theory through

Ancient Wisdom and Modern-Day Discovery.
We have drawn from a variety of respected and
widely acclaimed sources, including:

*The work of Rudolf Steiner
*Sudbury Education
*8-Shields Model of Nature Connection

The Three Pillars of the Therapeutic Arts Education System:

*Nature Immersion 

*Neuro-Developmental Modalities  

*Harmonic Integration

Holding Plant

Each Child Attending will Experience:

*Priority Enrollment in On the Forest Floor
located at AATA
*Foundational Education in Language Arts,
Mathematics & Science
*Music lessons specific to their age
*Ancient Languages
*Garden & Farm Animal Care-taking
*Equine Education
*Integration of mystical, magical and spiritual philosophy into daily/seasonal rhythms and curriculum
*Somatic Experiencing & other Therapeutic Modalities unique to their Instructors and Mentors

Weekly Schedule

AATA operates on a 3-day week, Tuesday through Thursday, providing for more diversity, flexibility and rejuvenation time in the child's life and family.


Our Kinder *Garden* program follows a Waldorf-based Curriculum with added Nature Immersion elements.

Below, you will find a Weekly Schedule for the GRADES classes. AATA aims to design our days with the focus of allowing a child to fully immerse themselves in nature, while encouraging curiosity through the embodiment of learning.

Forest Floor Nature Connection

Enrolled AATA families receive priority enrollment on Mondays in On the Forest Floor of Asheville. 



Equine, Animal arts & permaculture

We offer Equine Education with our five resident horses once per week. Animal Arts & Permaculture are integrated into our rhythm each day. All children engage in the care of 9 goats, 11 chickens and Angora bunnies! Check them out!

Therapeutic Arts

This is one of the aspects specific to an AATA experience! We integrate daily teachings of Mindfulness, Meditation & Somatic Awareness. In addition, we integrate community teachers offering dynamic topics such as Drama Therapy, Barefoot Hiking, Communications, EMF Education, and all things Therapeutic! By sharing the joy of consciousness to work with our inner and outer personal expressive nature, we support self mastery in children. 


Song and music are foundational aspects of AATA's curriculum. In Kinder and the Lower Grades the focus is Rhythm and Song, with the first introduced instrument being the Pentatonic Flute. Music classes are offered twice per week in the Grades Class. The instrument taught in the Grades is the Baritone Ukulele. Using an interactive approach to music, we seek to deepen the connection with oneself and the world at large through rhythm, harmony & melody. 

Language Arts, Mathematics, Ancient Languages and science

Tuesday and Thursday have the same daily schedule with shorter learning blocks of Language Arts/Ancient Language, History, Math, and Science as these subjects lend themselves to mastery through repetition.

Our Days run from 10-4.


Below is an example of our Grades Schedule.

Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 6.44.48 PM.png
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