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Our Values

We are committed to creating an educational environment that nurtures and inspires our children to embrace their unlimited potential through an authentic experience of childhood.

We are holistic and honor the natural world, our relationships with all sentient beings, the magic and mystery of reality, and the innovations of 

the modern world.

Natural human contact, authentic self-expression, sovereignty, and autonomy are central to our model.

We support the innate wisdom of the human body, the creativity of the human mind, and the

potential of the human spirit as guides

in navigating health and well-being.

Possibility and potential light our path

and we are humbled and inspired to

share this journey with you!


Our Mission

*Activate the next generation to go beyond the current framework of our world, while protecting the sanctity of childhood

*Nurture well-being in Mind, Body and Spirit 

*Uphold the divine sovereign signature inherent in each child

*Honor the interdependence of natural living systems to support the future of humanity 


Happy Children

AATA also has the support of a Board of Trustees.

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Strategic Plan
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