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Kaitlyn Taylor

Grades Assistant & Therapeutic Instructor




A Bit About Me & what I offer

Kaitlyn has 15 years of professional childcare experience and has taught in enrichment programs as well as developed her own social-emotional learning program for children. Her experience includes teaching parent classes, leading skill development workshops and support groups, and providing program evaluation and consultation to therapeutic education providers.


Kaitlyn has worked with a diverse range of families from different cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, and belief systems. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and completed 2/3 of a Master’s program in Professional Mental Health Counseling before taking an extended leave of absence. She has since decided to offer her services to families outside of the standard system of mental health care, by offering support to parents and children on a sliding-scale basis. Kaitlyn is trained in mediation, play therapy, nonviolent communication, trauma-informed care, ages and stages of development, positive discipline, and attachment theory.

Through our work you can learn to increase effective communication, create a daily rhythm, identifying behavioral triggers, respond to your child with respect and empathy while holding boundaries, and much more.

Parent Support 

Together, we can develop:


  • Cultivating curiosity - helping you step back and develop an awareness of your approach to your child's behavior - what is activating you, why you react the way you do, how you would like to react, and how you can get there.

  • Learning strategies for providing calm, confident leadership for your child including: emotional regulation tools (for parents and kids), modeling the values you want to instill in your child, and understanding developmentally appropriate expectations.

  • Care for the caregiver - guiding parents through re-parenting themselves (identifying generational cycles, inner child work, etc.)

  • Respectful parenting - what it looks like in practice to implement “gentle parenting” and “attachment parenting” approaches


Child Support


Play sessions for children ages 2-10 oriented toward processing trauma, developing stress tolerance, increasing attachment security, practicing social skills, improving communication, and learning tools for emotional regulation.

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