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Jay Azavari

Founder and Music Chair




A Bit About Me

Jay has been working with trauma as both a facilitator and educator for over 25 years. In 2006 he studied vibrational medicine with Fabien Maman at the Tama Do Institute, focusing on resolving dissonances in the physical and subtle bodies.  In 2008 he was introduced to Somatic Experiencing and the work of Dr. Peter Levine.  Jay instantly recognized SE as a powerful tool profoundly reminiscent of his past shamanic experiences.  Somatic Experiencing articulates a template for working with the nervous system with the aim of building greater resilience.

SE led Jay to study TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises), a method designed to access and release stuck trauma in the body using a series of simple exercises to activate the body's 'tremor' mechanism.


In 2019, Jay completed a 515 hr. clinical massage program with an emphasis on structural balancing.  Coming to massage from a background in trauma work, I was struck by the many similarities in approaching physiology and the nervous system.  My teacher would often say 'traumatized muscles react similarly to traumatized individuals'.  I have a passion for functional movement, human resonance, and the symbiosis that exists within and without.

Jay has been a professional Musician & Music Instructor since 2002. Creating accessibility to all levels of musical capabilities, helping everyone he works with to access their innate harmonic genius.


  • 2000-2008~ Transformational Group Facilitator

  • 2006-2008~ Tama Do The Academy of Sound, Color, and Movement    

  • 2010~ BA of Professional Music from Berklee College of Music Boston      

  • 2010-Current Music Teacher/Instructor     

  • 2012-2014~ Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute - SE Practitioner Training

  • 2013~ Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning Experience (DARe)

  • 2013-2014~ Bodywork and Somatic Education (B.A.S.E)

  • 2018-2019~ Trauma Releasing Exercise (TRE) - Practitioner Training

  • 2019~ LMBT Clinical Massage Certification

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