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Dana Whiddon

Therapeutic Chair, Art Instructor & Administrator




A Bit About Me

Dana has 25 years of clinical experience in a variety of settings, including: hospitals, group homes, nursing homes, therapeutic day schools and private practice. Both her undergraduate and graduate degrees are in art therapy. Dana loves offering this avenue of exploration that supports creativity, self-expression, frustration tolerance, problem solving and stress reduction. In addition to the visual arts, she incorporates conversations with the natural world into both her professional and personal practices.


Since 2016 Dana has begun to shift away from clinical settings and towards wellness, sovereignty, and community building.  Dana is also a Qoya movement teacher who facilitates circles, ceremonies and retreats focused on helping women to (re)connect with themselves and each other.


Dana aims to create the more beautiful world her heart knows is possible by collaborating with other visionaries to inspire women, children and families to liberate themselves from the confines of outdated systems and societal models. She has a passion for creating opportunities and holding space for people and Earth to heal together by attuning to the interconnection of all beings and honoring the cycles and seasons of nature.

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