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Enjoying the Nature


As a newly forming educational program,

 we are seeking support from our greater community to fund our ambitions!

A Letter from the AATA Founders~ 

We are a small few that found ourselves as complete dissidents and conscientious objectors to the covid narrative and what was happening in the world at large specifically to children everywhere. We knew we could not be complacent or complicit and that we must do something. So we did. We created an educational program, which allows kids to free-breathe, in nature, safe from mandates and transmission, while teaching wellness as an inside job. We continue to consider what tools of self-mastery children will need to meet the very uncertain future and weigh out the social-emotional as well as the academic aspects.


We originally did this from a place of need, sweat equity and heart, to meet a demand in a short time, but now we are looking at long term sustainability and our taste to preserve childhood for children, with nature as their best teacher. We want to offer this as a template for others to build, as our world continues to ebb and flow. With one thing remaining clear, public schooling has failed our children long before covid, but now it’s become an indoctrination camp, forcing children to mask their life force, while being around the unknown long term effects of transmission.


What we have found, is that in the shadow of activism, many people outspoken about the numerous agendas underlying the ‘pandemic’ are not truly ready to take action and build the new. We found talking about fighting against the old wasn’t enough, but that we had to build the new. We've come to define the difference between activism and activationsim.

We have done all of this with no handbook, no trust fund, or grant, only from an inner knowingness that it was up to us to build the way.


We’d like to officially introduce ourselves as the Appalachian Academy of Therapeutic Arts. We’ve spent the last year, with our nose to the ground, building something out of nothing. We’ve come under fire in a liberal local paper, and within the surrounding mainstream community. However, we continue to build layers as a non-profit ecclesiastical trust and private membership organization to rise against mandates, paving a new way. And, we would be deeply grateful for your help! We need to get the word out about us and the subsequent resources to allow us to be financially viable.


We are asking you to support us to remain in actionable integrity as we build an educational model completely outside the narrative of covid. We are at the point, in order to turn surviving into thriving, where we have to align with organizations that have similar values and put ourselves out there and ask for help. This is a vulnerable letter to write, as we have honestly been flying by the seat of our pants, but we ask that you give us a few moments of your time, look at our Strategic Planning Documents and website and consider, supporting us in any capacity if you align, or pass it on to your followers, as there is one in a million that could call us brilliant and in that, change the very course of humanity.


Our founders and small admin team have been working tirelessly without compensation because we believe wholeheartedly in what we are doing. We have high hopes that we can call in the right allies, who resonate with our hearts and mission and can help us get to the next level. You are receiving this because we are followers of yours and we see and love what you are about. We humbly ask if you’d consider supporting us in any capacity, as sweat equity eventually runs out. It is time we introduced ourselves to the world, and took the next step, so we may pay our staff, build infrastructure and have resources to be able to support the children and families that align with us without stress. None of us are trained fundraisers, or grant writers, but merely a small few working to make a difference for our future generations. We will remain a mask free, vaccine free organization committed to doing the thing we would like to see available for families everywhere.


The AATA Founders

Please take a minute to check out our 2022 Strategic Plan 
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