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Kids Gardening
Adorable Kid Holding Chicken

Earth Walks
Summer Camp!

3 weeks in June (5th-9th; 12th-16th, & 19th-23rd) 

For Ages 3-6, max 16 children

$440 1 week/ $820 2 weeks/ $1180 3 weeks 


Summertime is a remembrance of sensory explosion and freedom! At Earth Walks Summer Camp, we’ll be giving children a full body immersion in nature from 10-3. Daily rituals will include picnic dining, gathering in circle, romps through the woods, wading in the creek, foraging and encountering living beings, barefoot times, loose parts and creative nature play, storytelling under the trees, and sharing what makes our heart glow (our gratitude practice). Children will return home well fed in all ways!  

Earth walks is facilitated by
Monica Della Croce of

Mother Essence

To learn more & Sign up
email Monica at 


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