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AATA shuttle van

Help us raise funds for a new shuttle van!

AATA serves over 30 students from the ages of 3-12. At AATA, we are committed to creating an educational environment that nurtures and inspires our children to embrace their unlimited potential through an authentic experience of childhood. AATA offers foundational academics, integrated with therapeutic modalities such as Natural Horsemanship, Nature Immersion and Mind-Body Healing Modalities. 

We're located 15 miles outside of Asheville, NC in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and an essential aspect of our program is offering transportation for those who attend regular programing days, and for exciting adventures off the land!

Unfortunately in April, we were forced to retire our old shuttle van. She was a good van, at the end of her life, and we're deeply grateful to her for shuttling our students over the past 2 years.

So now, we're in need of help from YOU in order to obtain a new 15-passenger van, keeping our offerings available for all the children that count on us! 

The families in our community are dedicated to assisting in the creation of an amazing environment for our kids to learn and thrive. We continue to expand as our students get older, really growing with them and our families. Our hope is that a new shuttle van will transport our kids to new opportunities while also serving our families on a daily basis. AATA is a small program that runs on a lot of volunteer love, and contributions from folks like you.

We seek a new shuttle van that we can deeply trust. Our program can be responsible for the upkeep and insure the van, but the initial funding to purchase our new shuttle van is currently beyond our abilities.

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