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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Forest Floor integrated into SCS?

Forest Floor has been operating at the location of SCS for the past 6 years. We've cultivated a connection that honors the excellence of this organization and it's superb outdoor education. When forming SCS it was important to integrate FF into our curriculum, and thus we created the schedule now offered. On Nature Immersion Monday's Lead FF staff will hold the days education, while our Language Arts, Math and Science teachers will be in the assistant role. Over the course of the school year our teachers will learn the skills FF is recognized for, while also receiving certification as Nature Connection Mentors.

How is Neuro-developmental Theory offered at SCS?

We require all staff, teachers and mentors to participate in ongoing consultation, training and supervision in the realms of Somatic based mindfulness. We will encourage instruction in modalities such as TRE, Upper-graduate Psychology, and ACE's training. We believe offering mental health support, trauma resolution and wellness care is essential for a child to thrive and grow into their full potential.

Will you follow the local city/county school calendar?

We will use the local school calendars as our guide, however we will form our own calendar based on our unique needs. We will take the month of January off due to the aspect that the majority of our curriculum is based outdoors.

Does SCS offer Financial Aid?

Yes, we do offer Financial Aid and Scholarships on a case-by-case basis. This will be discussed during the second step of the Application/Enrollment process when we have a conversation/consultation with each individual family.

We do offer Volunteer Opportunities that can be integrated into a Financial Aid plan.

Why do you require Membership to SCS?

As an organization, we operating under the principles of medical freedom, governmental sovereignty and personal autonomy. SCS Membership ensures that our school and each member of our community is safe-guarded from challenges that may arise when choosing differently than societal majorities. Membership is optional to our community at large, and required by enrolled families.

Is SCS a Non-profit?

Shope Creek School runs under the affiliation of Trimeria, a 501(c)3, this allows SCS to accept tax-deductible donations. SCS, specifically, is organized as a Charitable Trust. We are in the process of establishing our Board of Directors, at this time we are operating under the BOD which serves Trimeria.

Is SCS a Private School?

SCS is currently defined as a Home School Cooperative. Families attending will need to register with the state of NC to be a Home School. This is something we can support with upon enrollment if needed.

SCS is applying to also be a Private School, we will run concurrently as a Private School and Home School Cooperative when approved and families can have the option of enrolling under what serves them best.

When defined as a Private School we will be able to accept NC's Opportunity Scholarship.

We are also pursuing steps to accept NC's Disability Grant.

Is SCS a Parochial School?

SCS is not associated with any religious affiliation or denomination. However, SCS defines itself as a Spiritual Organization that upholds Natural Law. We honor all varieties of religion, spirituality and worship, believing that a human cannot separate oneself from the mysterious aspects of reality, while still honoring an individuals choice in pursuing this understanding.

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