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Appalachian Association of Therapeutic Arts, is a collective of practitioners and modalities committed to persevere through the darkness, the pain, and the parts that we turn from, knowing that as we walk through the fire, what ails us is transformed and our embers become our greatest power.

Using unique, cutting-edge, frequency-based, bioenergetic healing devices, we individuate modalities for both diagnostic and treatment protocols. 

AATA offers the opportunity for you to find your uniquely coded Resonance Within.


We could not live without the Biomat! Infrared technology, Amethyst Crystal, DC current, Negative Ions, and built-in EMF mitigation. Infrared works on the pineal gland and is the antidote to cortisol. Unsurpassed physical, energetic, and emotional benefits. Personally, the Biomat restored my sleep cycle and eased my structural issues more than ANYTHING!  Click the link above, or email to discuss if one is an alignment for you!

Infinite Birthing

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 6.17.06 PM.png

Infinite Birthing provides education and services
for authentic self-direction and wellness,
during the cycles of life and the childbearing time
for those seeking sovereign empowerment.

True healing comes from within, and our commitment is to guide and offer a path for this process.


AATA's 2023 February & March Newsletters, featured
an abundance community resources. Check Them out HERE!

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