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Shannon Ledford

Director & Parent Outreach Coordinator




A Bit About Me

Shannon brings the experiences of growing up as a farmer’s daughter in northern CA and being with the land to her time as a corporate lawyer in Manhattan that helps her to anchor the structures that we can then flow into.   She also was a travel photographer all over the world and ran her photography business for 7 years. 

Presently, she works with private clients in her capacity as an Ancestral Medicine Practitioner to help them heal their blood lineages in safely held ritual space.  The rhythm of her life is informed deeply by her ancestors.  She moves in the world backed by her wise and elevated Italian & English grandmothers and grandfathers. 

On a personal note, she is the mother to 2 girls and is learning from them every day as we navigate our world together.  She and her husband continue to bring their small homestead to life project by project.

Shannon looks forward to working with all our families this year to create a stable loving learning environment for all our kids. 

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