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Kendra Adamson 

Administrator & Therapeutic Chair 




A Bit About Me

Kendra Adamson possess an advanced degrees in: Clinical Psychology, Religion and Studio Arts. Her certifications include: Breathwork Facilitator, Pineal Gland Activation,  Nutrition, Detox Coaching, Quantum Energy Medicine, Daoist Herbalism. She has advanced concentrations in world healing traditions, Buddhist meditation, Lyme literary, microbial vectors and traditional plant medicine of the Amazon. Owner of Wolf Zen, A New Earth Food and Artisan Apothecary. Kendra currently lives with her two boys, 3 wolfdogs, 3 dogs and husband on her organic land, known as Casa Nola, in beautiful Appalachia outside Asheville NC. She is a passionate advocate for sovereign rights, building new earth templates and systems and currently has a part time Private Integrated Health Coaching Practice specializing in shadow alchemy. 

Kendra feels it is imperative to build programs for children and families that keep them connected to nature, to work within their own energetic bodies, learning self mastery to embody empowerment and true cellular health. 

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