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Homeschool & Natural Horsemanship

In addition to our full Academy program,

AATA is offerings Home School Classes!

For the Spring of 2023, we will have a 6-week series of 2 classes,

running Fridays, April 21st-May 26th:

Natural Horsemanship & A Co-Mothering Collective 

natural Horsemanship

For Children ages 9 & Up

From 10am-1pm, Friday April 21st-May 26th

$225 per child


We use a philosophy of working with horses based on the horse’s natural instincts and methods of communication, with the understanding that horses do not learn through fear or pain. 

Participants are given the chance to get to know each horse, which in turn leads to deeper self discovery for the student. It helps build social and emotional skills with animals and humans alike. Instructor Maggie Willis.

Horse Whisperer

Participants also spend time doing yoga and meditation with the horses as well as groundwork online and at liberty; progressing to mounted exercises

and possibly trail riding.

Check out the AATA HORSES!

Mother and Child

The Co-Mothering Collective

is for Mothers & Child/ren ages 0-3 years

Beginning at 10am, Friday April 21st-May 26th

$130-$200 Heart-based Registration 

~choose from what feels truest to your heart given your resources~

Join in this experimental, guided space in which mother AND child care are centered. Possibilities include Listening Spaces, Relational Play, Nature Connection, Feelings Work and Co-working/nurturing. 

Rooted in the vision that mothers are meant to mother together,

how do we carve out times and spaces in which this revillaging is created?  

facilitated by Monica Della Croce

of Mother Essence

To learn more & Sign up

email Monica at

*By mother, we mean any adult in primary care role

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