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Andrea Jacobson

Kinder Assistant & Therapeutic Instructor




A Bit About Me

Andrea Jacobson has studied and worked with children in a myriad of settings and roles for over 30 years. She began an occupational therapy career in 2007 and served at a school for children with autism, an inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry unit, private clinics, and Cleveland, Denver, and San Francisco public schools. Fueled by a volunteer month in Bolivia, Andrea created OT Adventure in 2014: The Mission: Support the amazing kids who are struggling coming into this world by helping the children make sense of their sensations and guiding teachers and parents towards developing strong foundational environments and relationships. Through this lens Andrea presented workshops and consulted with the SF Inclusion Network and designed a novel OT and consultation model with Individualized OT programs, Self-Discovery Groups, Kundalini Yoga for ADHD, Coordination Station, and caregiver and me baby and toddler classes. 


Andrea has always been interested in how sensory perceptions influence our behaviors and shape the way we move through the world. She has sought work, studies, and travels to deepen her innerstanding of the human condition and brings this wisdom to her teaching. Andrea has studied Listening with the Whole Body Brain and Sensory Foundations® - primitive reflex integration, The Multiple Intelligences®,  Eyesight to Insight®, ®, Interactive Metronome®, Respectful Confrontation®, Mindful Motherhood®, strategies for reluctant learners, problem solving, deep listening and crisis prevention, behaviors as communications, alternative approaches to self-regulation, sensory processing, ADHD, The Highly Sensitive Child, autism, mental health, and primitive earth skills. Andrea focuses on promoting authentic mental health and self-command by recognizing the body as messenger, heart as transformer, and body-mind-spirit as relationship. She fluidly integrates Intuition Medicine®, Heart Rhythm Meditation, and The Nurtured Heart Approach® into all aspects of her work and life. She is excited to bring these powerful modalities to AATA.  


Over 30 years of experience working with children and families has allowed me to truly see people and meet them exactly where they are. I have witnessed amazing things happen on children’s emotional and physical developmental trajectories when they feel safe and secure to be and express exactly who they are, connected to their body and environment, and competent and confident to use their tools to help get them there. My greatest joy is helping children and the people who love them find their center and use their intensity to uncover their gifts, and I am so happy to bring this passion to AATA.


In addition to serving as the therapeutic assistant in the kindergarten class, Andrea teaches a simple yet profound relationship methodology, The Nurtured Heart Approach® and offers coaching for parents, teachers, and kids. You can learn more at


Parent Support:

·       Nutured Heart Approach® (NHA) Classes

·       Nurturing Greatness Parent Gatherings

·       Group Coaching

·       Individualized NHA Parent Coaching: 

·       Build Inner Wealth™ through direct experience

·       Learn and practice the art of resetting


Child Support:

·       Gain clarity of sensory perceptions and move forward with healthy and helpful interpretations

·       Build Inner Wealth™ through direct experiences

·       Develop Self-regulation through direct experiences

·       Nurturing Greatness Groups

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