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Abby willis

Lead Kinder Teacher & Handwork Instructor




A Bit About Me

My educational journey is a colorful tapestry of experiences that have shaped me into the passionate and dedicated educator I am today. Starting as a teacher's aide for a homeschool co-op during high school, I discovered my love for guiding students. I furthered this passion by tutoring Literature during college and later as a full-time nanny for a special needs child In 2016, I developed an online Literature and creative writing program that extended my reach and impact. From 2020 to 2021 I provided private tutoring in Language Arts for 1st and 2nd-grade children with special needs. Joining ATTA, I began as a substitute teacher and explored roles as an Equine Assistant and a Fiber Arts instructor. This journey led me to take on the Language Arts position for lower grades, embracing outdoor education and briefly filling in as the Lead Kindergarten teacher before assuming the role permanently in the fall of 2023.


Through connections with ATTA, I began working with the Forest Floor outdoor education program. Where I've been able to grow my experience in teaching children in the school of the natural world around us. With these experiences, I've nurtured a deep appreciation for individualized teaching, fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment. My goal is to instill a love for learning and encourage students to explore their unique potential, making education an enriching and fulfilling journey for all.

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